About Us

About Us

3dRender Ltd is the creator and distributor of Pro-Viz(TM) 3D texture and image entourage products, designed specifically for use in high-level architectural visualizations.

Pro-Viz(TM) products are used by thousands of CG artists worldwide, along with many of the industry’s leading architects and visualization studios including Foster+Partners, Red-Vertex, Atkins Global, WZMH Architects, VisualWorks, LAUBlab KG (the creators of VRAYforC4D) & many others.

Our ‘flagship’ product is the Pro-Viz(TM) All-In-One Bundle, containing an incredible one thousand precision-made 3D textures and entourage elements (people, trees, plants, skies etc). It’s the ideal product for professional archviz.

Our Story

“It all started way back in 1993.

Architectural 3D visualisation was in it’s infancy. Even a simple CGI of a chrome sphere had to be rendered overnight as computers were so slow!

In the years that followed, both the ‘hardware’ and ‘software’ improved. Features and performance got better and still better. But 3D textures and ‘digital assets’ got left behind.

By 2007 we had successfully completed over 4700 commissioned archviz projects. But, we were finding it almost impossible to purchase high quality collections of 3D textures, images of trees, plants, people etc. which would give our CGI’s the ultra-realistic look we were after.

We realised the only real solution was to create our own collections. And so, 3dRender Pro-Viz(TM) was born!

Since then we’ve scoured the internet to locate other complimentary visualisation products. Products which lead their field in quality and value for money. Products which will give all architectural visualisers, architects and 3D artists the tools necessary to create beautiful and realistic CGI’s.

These ‘hand-picked’ products are available in our Pro-Viz(TM) store at www.3drender.co.uk.”

Tim Barrett, Owner 3dRender Ltd.





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