Arroway 3D Textures – Tiles 01




Arroway 3D Textures – Tiles 01

This downloadable collection contains 50 high-resolution 3D textures of Tiles/Slabs/Pavement textures in well-known quality. Nearly every texture consists of diffuse, bump and specular/glossiness map – all available in lossless-compressed format (PNG24 / PNG8).

This collection covers textures in the following categories:

• facade
• floor
• lobby
• patio
• plaza


• 50 multi-layered textures
• Map resolution up to 36 megapixel (e.g. 6000px x 6000px)
• Each with diffuse, specularity and bump map (161 maps total)
• All maps tile perfectly
• All maps come as lossless compressed PNG files
• 4.2GB total downloadable files in 3 parts
• Printer-friendly texture catalog (PDF format)

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