aXYZ Anima®4 + Alive™




aXYZ Anima® 4 + Alive™

The world of crowd simulation has been given new life with the release of Anima 4.0. This is a major step towards a new way of creating even more realistic and life-like experiences. anima® is the best solution for quickly and easily creating stunning 3D animations in very little time. anima® is the first Archviz population tool available for Epic Unreal Engine®, 3ds Max®, Maya®, and Cinema 4D® to help architects, designers, and 3D professionals bring hundreds of realistic 3D characters into their scenes.

The new version introduces an innovative character animation system, which offers a definitive solution to the problem known as Uncanny Valley: The appearance and behavior of the new characters included in anima® 4 manage to be perceived as truly human.

Ambient 3D

Previously, when creating an animated simulation, the difference in quality between Rigged and Ready-Posed characters was noticeable, as the latter offered higher fidelity. However, Ready-Posed characters were static… until now. We are introducing in anima 4.0 the new Ambient 3D characters. Thanks to 3D scans and a new automatic rigging solution we are able to capture and apply various movements to be used as idle animations. These actors are ideal to populate the middle and front plane of a scene being able to: look at the stage, look at other actors, and simulate the movement of arms, legs and breathing. All these subtle variations greatly enhance realism. The entire Ready-Posed library will be gradually updated to become Ambient 3D for free!

4D Digital Humans

In Anima 4.0 we are combining the best of the Ready-Posed characters and Rigged with the new Ambient and 4D Digital Humans. These new animated characters are capable of preserving all the details of the clothing and offer facial animations that provide unattainable realism. All this is possible thanks to a new motion capture algorithm and technology developed by the AXYZ design team that allows 5GB of data of each character to be compressed into just 150-250MB. This process is capable of capturing all those details that are normally lost in a typical Rigged character. Furthermore, to improve real-time performance, 4D character technology takes advantage of the streaming capabilities of the multi-core CPU making it possible to use many of these actors at the same time and achieve 120fps in Unreal Engine. anima® 4 is distributed as a free upgrade for those customers who already have anima® 3.5 The update can be downloaded directly from AXYZ website or through the automatic software updater. Once again, anima® strives to be One Step Ahead.

Anima Demo Reel

anima® PRO is the fastest stand-alone character animation application developed especially for architects and designers, it’s perfect for quickly and easily populate your still renderings and create stunning 3D animations in very little time.

Software Version 4.0 + Alive™
License Perpetual for one Workstation + One-year maintenance plan. (*)
Included Content 25 Rigged, 16 Ready-Posed metropoly® characters with infinite color variations and 50+ motion capture files with parametric variations for incredibly realistic animations.
Smart Objects Smart objects to create traffic lights, squares, escalators and obstacles areas that characters avoid to navigate around objects.
Render Farms See Official Render Farms supporting anima®.
Demos Demo scenes for a quick approach to the software.
Animation Capabilities Full locomotion, Stand/Iddle, Get Up/Down Stairs, Get On/Off Escalators, Traffic Lights and SmartObjects, Sit and more!
Connectivity Plugins Autodesk 3ds Max® 2011 – 2020 64 bit,

Maxon Cinema 4D® R15, R16, R17, R18, R19, R20 64 bit,

Epic Unreal Engine® 4.20, 4.21, 4.22.

Downloadable 2.8 GB Installer.

NOTE: anima® PRO license is perpetual for one (1) Workstation and includes Free updates for one (1) year and priority support.

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