HDR 002 Meadow 02




HDR 002 Meadow 02

(Downloadable Product)

This package is a complete sIBL collection including the full high resolution HDR map (10240 x 5120 px) and the corresponding sIBL set.

What is sIBL?

sIBL is an abbreviated name for “Smart IBL”. It’s a standard describing all information and files needed to provide fast and easy Image Based Lighting Setups.

This sIBL set includes:

– Full high resolution spherical JPEG background
– Half resolution spherical HDR for reflection and refraction
– Lowres (512 x 256 pixels) blurred lightmap
– Thumbnail JPG (128 x 128 pixels)
– Preview image (600 x 300 pixels)
– The sIBL description file

Free sIBL Plugins

sIBL-Plugins are free plugins for organizing your HDR images and setting up your scenes with a single click.

But you are not required to use sIBL-GUI to use these files. You can also set up you scenes as usual.

To find out more about sIBL and what it can do for you click here.