Metropoly 3D People – Arabs Collection MeArS001M2




Metropoly 3D People – Arabs Collection

This Downloadable Product Includes:

10 3D Human models in two different positions (sitting, walking, running, watching) for a total of 20 poses.

Tech Specs:

Static models ready to use on any 3D software. They come already posed.

Geometry = 3500 Polys per character.
Texture Maps = Diffuse and Normal maps in 2048 x 2048 pixels.
Format = Models are compatible with 3DS Max 9 or above and Lightwave 7.5 or above. Files are also provided as .OBJ to ensure compatibility with almost all 3D graphic software.
Materials = 3DS Max and Lightwave Standard.

“Add realistic 3D people to your visualisations and animations the easy way with Metropoly!”

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