Pro-Viz(TM) PNG Cutout Trees Vol. 01




Downloadable Library of 25 Beautiful Cutout Trees in PNG Format

Use these superb PNG cutout trees in 2D software like Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter etc. for compositing into an existing 3D render, or in 3D software (3DS Max, Cinema 4D, Blender, Sketchup etc.) to use as ‘billboard’ trees. They can even be used to enhance architects 2D CAD elevations!

By using our Pro-Viz(TM) PNG cutout trees, you’ll add a sense of scale, proportion and the aesthetic value of ‘nature’ to all your creative visualisation projects.

The Highest Resolutions…

Each PNG tree has been carefully photographed and precisely ‘cut out’ to ensure it blends naturally into your CGI environments and comes with a 100% accurate alpha map for use in 2D, 3D and CAD software. At sizes of up to 3500 pixels tall, these high resolution trees are also suitable for foreground placement.

Product Facts:

Quantity = 25. Average PNG tree size = 2500 x 1800 pixels. Total file download size = 156MB. Image format = PNG (with transparent backgrounds) and also Diffuse + Alpha maps in maximum quality JPEG.

Tree species include Maple, Linden, Ash, Cherry, Horse Chesnut, Mulberry, English Oak, White Ash, Sweetgum, Norway Maple & European Hornbeam.

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Why Choose Pro-Viz(TM) Products?

Simply put, Pro-Viz(TM) products are chosen by the world’s leading architects, digital artists and archviz studios. Our users include Atkins Global, Foster+Partners, WZMH Architects, Swiss Interactive, RedVertex, Zaha Hadid Architects and many, many more…

Organisations at this level only use visualization products which deliver the results they’re after for their high-level clients. They demand the very best. And they all use Pro-Viz(TM) products, shouldn’t you?

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What Our Customers Are Saying…

“Absolutely astonishing quality!” – Dimitar Rashkov, REDVERTEX, Bulgaria.

“It’s well priced, excellent content…” – Chris Bamford, founder partner The Planit Group, UK.

Quality-wise, your product is terrific! In fact, it exceeds our expectations.– Kevin Chavous, USA.

“I am delighted with my order!” – Michel Sigiscar, France.

“Your product makes my renders look great!” – Stephen Doran, Architect, UK.

“What can I say? Your product worked perfectly. In fact they made my designs look splendid.” – Eric Ondia, UK.

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