Pro-Viz(TM) Cutout People 22




25 High Resolution 2D Cut Out People For Archviz

This product contains a great selection of 25 different high quality 2D cut out archviz people, ideal for residential, recreational, shopping and leisure environments.

All photographs were taken with professional large format digital cameras for maximum image detail and include accurate alpha maps.

Lighting Is Extremely Important

All Pro-Viz(TM) 2D cut out people are photographed in bright sunlight. This is IMPORTANT.

We’ve noticed however, that in many other cut out people libraries the lighting looks synthetic and unnatural. Archviz people that are photographed in ‘studio’ lighting conditions don’t blend into the bright sunlit environments used in the majority of architectural visualizations. This is a vitally important feature required to make your architectural CGI’s look as convincingly real as possible.

The Highest Resolutions

Average image size = 1850 x 900 pixels. Total file download size = 41MB. Image format = PNG (with transparent backgrounds) and also Diffuse + Alpha maps in maximum quality JPEG.

Total Compatibility

These cut out images can be used in 2D software (Photoshop, Painter etc.) to composite into an existing render, or in 3D software (3DS Max, Cinema 4D etc.) to use as ‘billboard’ people, and also CAD software.

NEW!!! – now includes PNG versions with transparent backgrounds – PERFECT for using in SketchUp etc.

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