Pro-Viz Plants Xtreme 2 – The Subscriber Offer Is Now Closed





240 High Resolution Plant Textures – Fully Downloadable

This superb collection of beautiful plants will add a professional finish to your CGI’s and improve the photo-realistic quality of your digital works of art.

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The plants can be used in 2D software (Photoshop, Painter etc.) to composite into existing CGI”s, or in 3D or CAD software (3DS Max, Cinema 4D, SketchUp etc.) to use as memory-efficient ”billboard” plants.

Each plant is incredibly detailed!

Plants Vol. 1-8 (240) are all included in this bundle

There’s a huge variety of plants for maximum creativity!

Most plants come with more than one version for greater design variation, plus, with sizes up to 3400 pixels tall, these high resolution images are also suitable for close-up views as well.

Endless Possibilities...

Use these cut-out plant images individually to add a specific feature to your CGI''s, or combine them to create your own unique planting schemes - the design possibilities are endless!

Perfect Lighting...

Each plant has been carefully photographed in perfect lighting conditions to ensure it blends naturally into your CGI environments.

100% Compatibility

Includes PNG format (with transparent backgrounds) and JPEG Diffuse + Alpha maps for maximum compatibility and ease of use.

Product facts:

Total number of plant images included = 240. > Average image size = 2600 x 1950 pixels. > Image format = PNG format (with transparent background) + Diffuse & Alpha Maps in maximum quality JPEG format.

“The easy way to put REAL plants into your visualizations & CGI’s”

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Customer feedback:

"Quality-wise your product is terrific! In fact, it exceeds our expectations." - Kevin Chavous, Montgomery County Planning Commission, USA.

"It's well priced excellent content - thanks for producing it." - Chris Bamford, founder partner The Planit Group, UK.

"What can I say? Your product worked perfectly. In fact they made my designs look splendid." - Eric Ondia, UK.

"I am delighted with my order!" - Michel Sigiscar, Architectural Visualiser, France.

"Absolutely astonishing quality!!!" - Dimitar Rashkov, REDVERTEX, Bulgaria.

"Your product makes my renders look great!" - Stephen Doran, Architect, UK.