Pro-Viz(TM) Architectural 3D Textures Xtreme 2


Pro-Viz(TM) Architectural 3D Textures Xtreme 2


122 High-Resolution Architectural 3D Textures

This bundle contains all of our architectural 3D textures libraries in one highly affordable product.

Includes Pro-Viz Brick Walls, Stone Walls, Wood Floors, Roof Tiles, Wood Decking, Grass, Ground Cover, Sand and Granite. 122 highly detailed textures ranging from 2000 x 2000 pixels to 3400 x 2300 pixels!

"A superb set of 'core' 3D construction textures for all architectural visualization and general purpose CGI projects..."

Each texture includes a ‘diffuse’ (colour) map and a matching ‘bump’ (height) map for maximum photorealism. Compatible with all 3D software.

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Product includes these 9 Pro-Viz(TM) texture libraries:



Product facts:

Total number of 3D textures = 122. >Average texture size = 2130 x 2850 pixels. >Total file download size = 379MB in 9 files. >Image format = maximum quality JPEG. > Delivery Method = Download

What Our Customers Say:

"Quality-wise your product is terrific! In fact, it exceeds our expectations." - Kevin Chavous, Montgomery County Planning Commission, USA.

"It's well priced excellent content - thanks for producing it." - Chris Bamford, founder partner The Planit Group, UK.

"What can I say? Your product worked perfectly. In fact they made my designs look splendid." - Eric Ondia, UK.

"I am delighted with my order!" - Michel Sigiscar, Architectural Visualiser, France.

"Absolutely astonishing quality!!!" - Dimitar Rashkov, REDVERTEX, Bulgaria.

"Your product makes my renders look great!" - Stephen Doran, Architect, UK.


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