Pro-Viz(TM) Architectural Skies Xtreme Bundle




Pro-Viz(TM) Architectural Sky Backgrounds

Specifically photographed and edited for use in architectural 3D renders (but also suitable for any CGI subject), these sky backgounds range from calm to dramatic, from clear blue to fiery orange.

Use these beautiful skies by applying them to a 2D object within your favorite 3D software or composite them into your rendered image using your favorite apps like Photoshop, Corel Painter and PaintShop Pro etc. This bundle product includes Pro-Viz Architectural Sky Vol. 1, 2 & 3.

Includes All 3 Pro-Viz(TM) Architectural Sky Background Volumes

From beautiful blue skies and white clouds…

…To dramatic fiery orange sunsets

This unique product is designed to enhance your archviz CGI’s by creating the perfect atmosphere for your project.

Think of these sky backgrounds as the canvas on which to ‘paint’ your architectural masterpiece!

Product Facts

Average image size = 3400 x 2300 pixels. Total file download size = 65MB. Image format = maximum quality JPEG.

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