Pro-Viz(TM) Cutout Foreground Trees Vol. 01




25 Cutout Foreground Trees – Downloadable

NEW!!! – now includes PNG versions with transparent backgrounds – PERFECT for using in Google Sketchup etc.

Pro-Viz(TM) Quality…

Foreground trees enhance your architectural visualizations by adding a ‘hint’ of foliage at the edges and corners of your CGI’s. Even the most bland building designs can be transformed from the ‘ordinary’ to the ‘extraordinary’ by using the high quality images included in our Pro-Viz products.

Each cutout image has been carefully photographed in bright sunlight to ensure it blends naturally into your CGI environments and comes with a 100% accurate alpha map for use in 2D, 3D and CAD software.

Super-High Resolutions…

At resolutions of up to 3400 pixels wide, these premium quality foreground tree textures have excellent high resolution detail.

Product facts: Average image size = 2100 x 2900 pixels. Total file download size = 218MB. Image format = PNG (with transparent backgrounds) and also Diffuse + Alpha maps in maximum quality JPEG.